09 Feb 2020 - 10 Apr 2020

Caldes de Montbui, Spain

Last updated: 15 Jul 2019

30 editions of Amateur theater competition Vila de Caldes de Montbui, from the year 2009, TACA'M, Amateur Theater Competition of Caldes de Montbui, gives us a comprehensive view of amateur theater in Catalonia. Although we have never closed the participation of groups from the rest of the state and the European Union, on the contrary, in each edition we have sought representation.

The TACA'M, is the right size that the years of experience has shown to us that it must have because it lasts in time. We have always tried to maintain a programming balance where the newer groups find themselves with the most veteran theater groups. We have tried to program different theater styles in each edition, as we understand that, perhaps, just pulling from classics, we could greatly improve attendance, only with reasoned representation of all possible styles, we guarantee an acceptable and recognized level of Contest.
When TACA'M is evolving, we have always focused efforts to ensure that the public is consolidated, the population has a very important theater schedule and what is more rewarding to us, than the amateur theater groups in Catalonia (about 300) consider him and always want to go back and recognize the work of the organization for the groups.
This right criterion, to take care of people has led us to leave aside, often, the promotion of the program and the work of identification of TACA'M as an exportable, promotional and regional product. It is for this reason, and detected by the technicians, that we have to put ourselves at work to promote the TACA'M and promote that all groups have the possibility to act, although for their power they are more expensive.

For 30 editions, it was proposed to solve a lack of stable theater programming in Caldes de Montbui. The ever-changing map of how to make culture in many municipalities meant that there was no room left for amateur shows. Today, the function of TACA'M, remains the same, in large part. The goal of supporting and promoting the popular popular culture, performing arts, mostly, is inextricably linked with the will, as well as the audience as well as responding with great enthusiasm. The amateur theater groups, then, can enjoy a worthy forum where they present their proposals. Let's not forget the impressive number of theater groups in the country.

The TACA'M is a project of a distinctive, national nature with a national projection. From the beginning it has been inspired to facilitate the work of the Catalan theatrical movement. Within the map of competitions and amateur theater shows, the TACA'M has achieved recognition for the attention given to groups, entities, theater school workshops and especially for the effort, year after year, of contributing new variables to the contest. We understand, then, the indispensable effort we make from the Center, as well as from other formulas to give impetus to the Catalan theater event, a school of many values.

As general objectives we can consider:
To spread at the local level the amateur theater act.
Defend locally, concepts of associative values.
Equipping a stable theater program in La Vila.
Transmit values of coexistence and community work among the groups, the public, the entity and the administrations.
Promote Catalan as a national language and carry on any cultural manifestation.

As specific objectives we can observe:
Expand the age ranges that are consumers of theater.
Involve young people in the theatrical event.
Learn to work entity-administration.
Learn to start a powerful communication plan by the entity.
Apply added value, while improving knowledge on the part of the Athenian, to the TACA'M product
Push content projects into the new scenic space of the entity.

Practical info

Pricerange per day
Under 10 euro
Partner hotel
Main target group
25 - 50 y/o
Average attendence per day
2000 to 10.000 attendees
Art disciplines
Support for disabled people