Festivals in Lockdown: Italy

European Festivals Association - 23 Mar 2020

Live cultural events are now forbidden throughout Europe because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Italy has been especially badly hit by the virus and was the first country to feel its devastating effect. Therefore we want to underline our solidarity with our Italian colleagues and friends.

Here are some of the exciting festivals in Italy which were supposed to run in March 2020 and that have had to be cancelled or postponed. We hope they will be back as soon as possible and that they can play their important part in reviving and stimulating communities.

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Cinematica Festival

Cinematica is an international festival that deals with the movement-image relationship in the visual arts, cinematic and performing, inspired by the concept of image-movement of the philosopher Gilles Deleuze. The festival has been postponed, but the new dates have yet to be confirmed. Visit the festival’s website to stay updated. (Photo via cinematicafestival.com)


LakeComo International Music Festival

The LakeComo International Music Festival is organized by Amadeus Arte and is composed of a series of concerts in intimate spaces within the beautiful villas and gardens overlooking Lake Como, in the historical town of Como and in selected villas and theaters of Brianza region. The festival offers both a classical repertoire and newer music. The festival has been cancelled, new dates have not been announced. Visit the festival’s website to stay updated. (Photo via Facebook)

San Patrizio

San Patrizio Livorno Festival

The San Patrizio Livorno Festival #SPLF celebrates Irish culture in Italy and the cultural relationship between the two Countries. This festival has been cancelled, new dates have not been announced. For more information and updates, follow the festival’s Facebook page. (Photo via Facebook)


Lugo Music Festival

The Lugo Music Festival is a festival of arts born in Lugo, near the Adriatic ocean, in 2017. The festival offers a mix of fun and culture for art lovers and new audiences. Students and citizens interact in a railway of shows and workshops fueling connection among people and spreading beauty, thanks to a variety of proposals different each year that sparkle through classical music, flamenco, tango, jazz. The festival has been postponed, follow the festival’s Facebook page for updates and new dates. (Photo via Facebook)


Verso Traiettorie

Verso Traiettorie is a series of chamber concerts that takes place in Parma, in the springtime, every year, since 2011. The festival was founded by Fondazione Prometeo to introduce Traiettorie, the international festival of modern and contemporary music. The festival was supposed to celebrate its 10th edition at the end of May. The festival has been cancelled, new have not been announced. Visit the festival’s website to stay updated. (Photo via Facebook)

Concorse Corale

Concorso Corale Internazionale

Concorso Corale Internazionale is a well-known choir festival in Riva del Garda and Arco, Italy which was supposed to celebrate its 16th edition this year. The festival’s Artistic Committee guarantee a high artistic level of the competition every year. During this festival choirs can experience wonderful days of choir music, excellent competitions as well as great evening and meeting in music Friendship Concerts. The festival has been cancelled, follow their Facebook page for updates. (Photo via Facebook)

Of course, we also want to show support to all of the other festivals that happened or were supposed to happen in March all over Europe. You can find them all here.